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We are a Fully fledged radio station. Considering I'm no DJ this is new for me but I am very passionate about what I can offer to artist in the urban industry specifically reaching out to businesses to hire and educate African Americans about community activities and putting together events that promote positive movements festivities, and inspires productivity!

Music Ground Entertainment is a company that helps developing artist and business relations through promotional and marketing services. We help small businesses by promoting their products and brands by spreading awareness through Social Media and Media advertisement via digital broadcasting and online radio station.

Music Ground helps independent artist market their music via social media brand awareness and helps artist grow a larger support team and fan base by allowing artist music to be heard directly through our digital distribution systems & online music stations.

Music Ground Members get to perform live events and get to promote their songs on to get maximum exposure. Perfect for Broadcasters and College Teens.

I don't sing or dance. I just like to listen to new artist to add to my catalogue. I go to RadioAtl to see what songs are popular and sometimes the radio announcements offer interesting events that I go to after I get off work.

Hey I want to give a Shout Out to my friends Keisha L. & Dana C. I love you all! I'm about to start a fashion line and I want you to support the movement!

Photography is my thing. I like to go to the events and shoot for the people who are doing Big Things in the ATL You can Follow me on IG @DantheCameraMan.

What's interesting about this radio station is most of the songs they play are actually pretty dope!

I'm looking for events to go to so I am going to check out what's new on here.

I am apart of the bikers club we go out to Camp Creek at the TGI Fridays every Tuesday night. I play RadioATL when I park my bike and some of the songs are dope af.

Just out here networking, I am waiting to do my drop for my nail salon. I'll use this station because the rates aren't that bad.

Music Ground Entertainment and RadioATL are partners - We mix, master, and record artist. RadioATL generates the buzz for the artist new single releases.

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